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Elite organization: we have very strong and consistent Impetus where everyone pledges to work as a team. The People's in Amaravathi are kept tuned day to day through networks, computers with all matter and Back-up has been maintains in case of unexpected situation (or) reasons.

Fashion on: our fashion team will always keep busy with everyday happenings in the fashion trends across the world. Each group has it's own country exploration. Exploring all the track of fashion they produce a report and present to the execute team.

Cost Unbeatable: We have wired-up individual team for each department for cost effective. Sourcing our good integration with suppliers we are able to source good quality material at less price, which make us to entice customers in our unbeatable cost and quality.

Quality in Quality out: Amaravathi has been equipped with latest machines to tackle making delicate parts of garments and textile manufacturing. Each and every product has been checked in testing lab to maintain the International Standards.

Sail International: To keep-up the commitment of delivery our team always wired with the factories in their Production and finishing plans. With our expertise having well relationship with the shipping agencies we kept updated the ship schedule and explore the different, economic and fast possibilities of shipping.

Extending Protection: The hygiene factor is a very important argument for antimicrobial work environment. In our entire ambience we have kept tightened security against dust and bacteria. Due to that, from a health point of view and preventing the exponential growth of bacteria on the garment (or) fibre surface. We have met the high demands in terms of cleanliness and hygiene environment.

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